26 guests
9 suites, 2 twin bedrooms, 2 double bedrooms
Salt water pool 14X7
Italian shaped garden with statues, Olive grove
24 guests
12 suites
Floodlit salt-water pool
A beautiful park with cypress, and a lilied lakes
22 guests
11 suites
Floodlit Swimming Pool
Hill-terraced olive groves, cypress
20 guest
7 double, 3 twin bedrooms
Swimming Pool 13X6m
10.000 sqm large park
18 guests
9 bedrooms
Swimming Pool 14x7 mt
2 hectare large Italian style garden with pergolas, walking paths, the swimming pool and a lake
18 guests
9 double rooms
A large swimming pool
A couple of acres of land
16 guests
7 double bedrooms and 2 single bedrooms
Swimming Pool 16X5mt
Japanese and rose garden
14 guest
4 double bedrooms, 2 triple bedrooms
Swimming Pool 10x5m
A private park
14 guests
7 double bedrooms
Swimming Pool 16X5mt
2 private ponds with graceful swans
10 guest
5 bedrooms
Swimming Pool 12x6 mt
A very large garden with terraced olive groves
10 guests
5 bedrooms
Swimming Pool 12x6 mt
A great square garden

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