Cycling in Lucca and surroundings  is one of the best ways to experience this famously romantic and picturesque Tuscany countryside.

Challenging hills, mild climate, mediterranean cuisine and fascinating history all make for an unforgettable holiday

Lucca is the home to several national teams. It is becoming the “new Girona”, because of the many training conditions, from flat and quiet roads to climbs with a slope of 2 to 22%

Your cycling trip is meant to combine world class cycling for 3-4 hours daily with great wine and dining. It is not a ”hammer all day” training camp. Our skilled guides create groups according to the conditions and shape of the riders.

You will be cyling at your own pace, slowing down or stopping  to enjoy the unique Tuscany scenery: Lucca and its hills, the charming shore to the 5 Terre, unique roads on the marble Alps.

Very keen bikers  are welcome to race with us and our team in Lucca and in the Chianti region

For many riders, ‘Eroica’ marks the end of the racing cycling season.  The race is run on the first Sunday of October on the “Strade Bianche” (dirt roads), in the heart of Tuscany, with pre-1987 bikes, wearing traditional woollen jerseys and fuelled by genuine Italian food and wine.

A time capsule of the golden era of cycling with breathtaking scenery and atmosphere where “everything old is new for a day”.

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Lucca and its region is also an ideal spot for people who loves walking & trekking through a natural contact with the clean nature: guided tours from easy and flat walking on Lucca walls and the river park to the exploring of the ancient paths on the hills and the mountains surrounding our blessed Lucca province

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