Cooking and Gourmet

Tuscany is Italy's most traveled region because of its art...and food

Cooking lessons with Chef Aurelio

Chef Manuela at Al Tambellini

Andrea at Vecchio Mulino

Bruschetta at Trattoria Pasquale

Stunning 'Cannoli' at La Norma

Cooking lessons with Aurelio


Cooking lessons are hands-on, intimate, fun,   informative and full of tips and tricks of the trade.


Our Chef Aurelio Barattini will encourage you to discover and explore the tastes and textures of some of the finest ingredients: from fresh home-made pasta and gnocchi with its various sauces to truffles, fragrant garden Italian herbs, porcini mushrooms and wild asparagus, murky green newly pressed olive oil, creamy pecorino cheeses and classic Italian wines.

To enhance this Italian culinary experience, kitchen studies are complimented by a special touring programme to some of the most enchanting and personally selected towns, markets, vineyards and other hidden treasures of Tuscany.



Local Gourmet Highlights

You cannot tell to have been in Tuscany without having visited Andrea at VECCHIO MULINO in Castelnuovo Garfagnana, capital of the beautiful mountain region of Garfagnana. This old amazing shop, with just few tables, will bring you centuries back in a time where farmers used to stop and rest drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a 'panino al prosciutto'. Today it is a SLOW FOOD association 'must stop' for gourmet people loving old and genuine tastes: selected and local ham, cheeses, salami, sausages, and traditional vegetable pies. A big selection of Tuscan wines is available on the wood shelves.


At just 3 Kms west of Lucca, in the village of Sant' Alessio, there is another lovely old lovely place,

AL TAMBELLINI. It is a 140 years old 'Ristoro', that is run from the third generation family. Old memories dishes meet sometimes a creative cuisine, still with the biggest respect for territory and tradition


The one star Michelin restaurant BUTTERFLY, at 5 Kms north of Lucca, is a delicious and esclusive restaurant, that is absolutely worth of a stop.  Old recipes and extremely fresh ingredients are cooked and combined into a creative and light cuisine.


Inside of the walls of Lucca there are two restaurants where the 'locals' go:

DA PASQUALE offers fantastic and typical meat and fish Tuscan recipes. Two charming rooms, furnished with old tables and chairs and filled with a great choice of wines, have been derived from the medieval old warehouse

LA NORMA, where the chef and owner Carlo Lo Grande introduced in the town an original and wise fusion of Sicilian and Tuscan cuisine. Fantastic!!


Dr. Dario Trabucco, Via delle Ville 697 - 55100 Lucca, Tuscany, ITALIA       tel: +39 335471233